For several years, the Viribus Unitis working group has been concentrating on the issue: “Waste ship Islandhopper, generating energy from waste materials with innovative technology”. This is achieved using a systems and process technology which we developed to convert waste materials into energy like gas and oil, and then to electricity using depolymerisation.

Energy is generated CO2-neutrally in a closed cycle.
In this process, this “back reaction” (of polymerisation) is activated at low temperatures (max. 450°C) and exact pressure conditions in the absence of oxygen to recover the energy of the input materials in the form of gas and oil.

Through several realistic processing modes, we have gained considerable expertise in generation and know-how in this area, which is indispensable for mastering the process and thus being able to process the different waste components.

Mostly, the locations where waste accumulates and recovered fuels are needed are far away from each other, and therefore additional logistic measures are required. Often, this leads to a non-optimal exploitation of the process equipment, because the plant competes with dumpsites or other disposal systems.
As an approach to solving these problems it has been conceived to place the process equipment on a ship especially designed for this goal. Logistics (saving truck rides) and 100% exploitation of the plant can be guaranteed with a ship especially tailored to the particular requirements of the situation (size of plant and ship).

As an additional benefit, no areal dependency to the providers and consumers is created.

On these production-ships will be sorted the waste of home and commerce and will be proceeded to alternative fuels. This will be effected during the journey to the ultimate consumer of the different products.

Additional adventures are:

  • Construction and control of VU-ships that will be sold worldwide in licence to shipyards and other interested parties.
  • Commercial trade with produced alternative fuels.
  • Construction of separating and alternative fuel factories land-based.
  • Decontamination of storage sites and dumping grounds.
  • Construction of large power-plants to produce electricity under use of alternative fuels.
  • Offer of waste-logistics and disposal-plans, implementation included.
  • Vessels-operation for separating and productions

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